Ultrasonic Part Washers

Ultrasonic cleaning is a high-precision cleaning method which has applications in the automotive, precision engineering, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries.

Ultrasonic cleaners use sound wave technologies to penetrate and vibrate away carbon, glue, oil, or paint deposits, both internally and externally. This technology has the capability to reach ordinarily inaccessible areas, such as carbon deposits built up inside of Diesel particle filters or EGR valves.

The ECO-Sonic 650s is an ultrasonic machine designed by Soltec to use its SDO9 engineering fluid to its maximum capability.

This machine is fully automatic with a large basket size of 550x270x240 cm.

Soltec offers a complete sustainable solution to parts cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning technology paired with precision compliant engineering fluid has the ability to reduce cleaning times from hours to minutes

With Soltec’s low temperature solvents, this can be achieved without harming electronics or ceramic-coated parts. Unlike water-based solvents, Soltec SD O9 engineering fluid does not cause rusting or corrosion and evaporates from the parts without leaving residue.