Pharma & Biomedical


Our core business is solvent recovery. We have over 25 years experience in the distillation of solvents in the pharma sector. Our facility is audited by large pharma and bio medical weekly. We offer world class recovery in our facility which is regulated to the highest international standards.

Our in-depth knowledge of manufacturing allows us to provide an expert service to your industry. Soltec is a manufacturer of solvents. We have LEAN programmes active across our organisation. We know how important and complex the needs of your industry can be. Our solutions for your hazardous waste are compliant, industry leading, environmentally friendly and safe. 

We offer a live track and trace system which is tailor made for your application. This system allows you to see the location and treatments your waste is undergoing as well as producing instant reports such as acceptance and destruction.

Soltec aims to maximise waste recovery. Our facility and approved outlets have the same focus, making us industry leaders in solvent recovery. Our expertise allows you to run a clean, efficient and complaint business.